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We are the Lantry Family! We're second generation family business owners who like to jump off the dock and eat wild blueberries. 







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Hi There, We're Tom and Steph Lantry. We are a second generation, small family business husband and wife team. We love wild blueberries, walleyes, campfires, sweatshirts and lake vermilion. At the ages of 29 (Tom) and 25 (Steph) left our day jobs as a pilot and registered nurse to run the family business. Today, you can find us raising our three daughters while operating a beautiful historic resort in Northern Minnesota.

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year old resort

For us, family comes first. It's our main inspiration in this journey we're on, and we absolutely love connecting with others who share the same outlook on life. 

We moved to the resort on a snowy day in April of 2013. Tom was a natural in his new role at the resort. After all, he had been training for the job since he was six. Steph took some time getting used to the rural setting, but after a short while adopted the natural landscape as home, and now couldn't imagine it any other way. We found a rhythm and have since grown our family and our business. We love calling this place home and can't wait to share it with you.  


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a few awesome things we do...

Since 1990 we have hosted more than 3,600 families' lake Vermilion vacation. I know what you are thinking, that is a lot of marshmallows folks! Well, yep it sure is- now it is your turn to experience it for yourself.

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Since 1990 our family has welcomed guests to Lake Vermilion. Over the last several decades we have transformed a century old historic resort on the West end of Vermilion into a Northwoods haven to create one of the best Minnesota resorts and weekend getaways for families. 

We are a second- generation,  family owned business that knows 

WE BELIEVE life is best lived outside

about us

 a historic resort

on the shores of lake vermilion

1914 to today



"Ruthoferds outing camps"

the start 

Rutherford, a photographer purchased a peninsula on the West end of Lake Vermilion and started a small fishing camp

New owners the Vos family purchased the resort from Ruthoferds and owned the resort from 1945 to 1990. 

"Vos Resort"

A family tradition




White Eagle Resort

Starting over

The Lantry Family re-located from Homewood, IL to Cook, MN to purchase the resort.
Mike Lantry was an attorney in IL for a family law firm and continued to practice law for the first 10 years as the district attorney after moving to Cook while operating the resort. Together, he and Bonnie raised three children, Tom (6), Anne (4) and Ranae (1) at the resort. They lived in the main lodge.

A White Eagle Wedding

Tom + Steph

Tom and Steph host their wedding at the resort. It was a beautiful time with family and friends in the outdoors on an warm September day.



Second Generation

the kids

When Mike and Bonne decided that they were ready for retirement, the kids (Tom, Anne and Ranae) were ready and eager to take over the family business. 

Moving on

Tom + Steph

After six years of operation together, the second generation mutually elected to a buy out. Since then, Tom and Steph continue to own and operate the family business.

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