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We are the Lantry Family! We're second generation family business owners who like to jump off the dock and eat wild blueberries. 







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Like a good book, warm socks, and your favorite song on the radio, Winter up north is the real deal. There is something magical about snow covered pine, roaring fires and gentle snowfall in the Northwoods. During the winter we bundle up and get outside to enjoy the beauty of nature. Our favorite family activities include: Snowmobiling, cross-country skiing, ice fishing, skiing/snowboarding, dogsledding and skating. 

Since 1990 our family has spent Wintertime in the Northwoods. We have figured out the good stuff and can't wait to share it with you. We partner with Lossing Power Sports for snowmobile rental. Check out local trail conditions at Lake Vermilion Resort Association.

We are a second- generation,  family owned business that knows 

WE BELIEVE life is best lived outside

Hi There, We're Tom and Steph Lantry. We are a second generation, small family business husband and wife team. We love wild blueberries, walleyes, campfires, sweatshirts and lake vermilion. At the ages of 29 (Tom) and 25 (Steph) left our day jobs as a pilot and registered nurse to run the family business. Today, you can find us raising our three daughters while operating a beautiful historic resort in Northern Minnesota.

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